Self-care was never meant to be lonely! We, the Marookha family, celebrate our women and their beauty. Sit back and relax while enjoying our expert hair treatment and impeccable nail care.
They say “the one who knows you the most is your stylist” and we couldn’t agree more. We get to know you and your beauty needs and work on them accordingly!
Hair Treatments can be tedious and differ in severity. We are there for our ladies throughout the process to guide them through.
Scalp Treatment
Let us give your hair the attention it deserves. We use the finest ingredients in our hair masks, deep conditioners, and hair treatments. We promise to transform your hair into a truly fresh, healthy, and beautiful mane that will turn heads for sure.
Hair Removal
We offers one of the most effective methods for hair reduction and permanent hair removal. It is affordable and fast. Our professionally trained technicians are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable waxing experience for all of our clients.
Nailed it
We provide a safe haven for women to discover their full potential by giving an empowering, friendly and secure environment while valuing their privacy so they have the freedom to grow and develop the confidence to be themselves.
Mon & Tue
09:30 am - 10:15 am