Our Story
History teaches us that, women have had a big role in the growth of great people and societies in the past. In our current times women are objectified and not honored for who they really are. Therefore, we started our journey with Marookha with one big vision of having women in our community to have the confidence in themselves, to one day live in a world where every female knows her worth.
We are Malaysia based first & only female community centre with Cafe, Restaurant, Gym & Saloon under one roof.
Our Vision
A world where every woman knows her worth
Our Mission
Striving to unleash the full potential of women to live a healthy lifestyle
Values We Live By
Making people feel at home
Freedom for the mind & soul
We don’t follow the fool’s role models
Our opportunity to care & empower
Beauty that no one has ever seen & no strange man will ever see
We want to make you feel at home